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New shopping Era

New shopping Era

Online shopping is now so popular that a major part of the economy has evolved to supply it. It doesn’t matter if you prefer your clothes in a brick and mortar store, as shopping online becomes so much more convenient than actually going out and buying something.

This post will explore why online shopping is so prevalent, what are the pros and cons of doing it, when does it seem like a good idea to buy an item (or not), etc. Everyone can shop on their personal shopper robot from anywhere in the world, so it’s actually the year 2021 when everyone starts shopping online.

With thousands of stores and millions of products, it has become easier and easier to buy stuff online in 2019 than ever before. Moreover, there is a variety of options for the range and price of something you’re looking for. This has made the online shopping experience much more convenient than ever before.

Since online shopping was introduced to consumers, its popularity has been growing steadily. According to statistics, there were only around 1 million users back in 1994; whereas now it is estimated that users generated $304.9 billion in 2013, and it will be more than $400 billion by 2017.

Moreover, the growing popularity of online shopping has influenced countries to introduce certain laws, which take users’ safety and benefits into consideration. Several countries such as France, UK and Germany have already established laws in 1998. These regulations are now recognized as E-Commerce Directive or Distance Selling Directive.

Online shopping now becomes a common trend in society and becomes one of the most popular ways to shop for various reasons. Here are some pros and cons of online shopping:

Pros: Firstly, it is more convenient to shop online than going out to shop at a store. You can also compare products with more convenience when you’re shopping online.

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